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Prashna Shah is a passionate therapist working in mental healthcare and change management to help people find their life’s balance!

Vision: To enable my clients to achieve a holistic life balance.

Mission: Inspiring, energising and motivating clients to create a healthy and balanced life for themselves and those around them.



About PRS

Prashna Shah is a passionate therapist working in mental healthcare and change management to help people find their life’s balance! With a major in Trauma and Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, she works closely with people who have been through traumatic events like bomb blasts, terrorism, massacres, riots and security incidences.

In Tanzania, she has worked with Rwandan Genocide survivors healing them from the trauma of events and preparing them mentally to appear as witnesses for the Tribunal.

Prashna also provides counselling support and training to corporates struggling with change management and facilitation.

Prashna believes everyone should safely heal from life’s difficulties and atrocities.


Psychological interventions offered for Mental Health Care:
• Behavioural
• Cognitive
• Psychodynamic
• Humanistic
• Systemic
• Motivational

Apart from conventional interventions, Prashna Shah uses PPI’s (Positive Psychology Interventions) – a set of scientific tools and strategies that focus on increasing happiness, well-being, and positive cognitions and emotions. 

Self-help based treatments

Brief self-help interventions (including guided self-help, relaxation techniques, meditation etc).


  • Couples therapy (including behavioural couples therapy and other variants of couples therapy)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Children’s Therapy

social network & environment-based therapies

  • Social behaviour and network therapy (SBNT)
  • The community reinforcement approach

trauma healing

 Therapeutic intervention to help people overcome traumatic events like bomb blasts, genocides, riots etc. 

psychodynamic therapy

  •  Short-term psychodynamic
  • Supportive expressive psychotherapy

family-based interventions

  • Functional family therapy
  • Brief strategic family therapy
  • Multi-systematic therapy
  • Five-step family interventions
  • Behavioural Therapies

behavioural therapies

  • Cue Exposure
  • Aversion Therapy

Successful trainings

  • Resolution Health
  • Bio Foods
  • GSK
  • UAP Group
  • Sarova Hotels
  • Alliance for African Assistance Kenya
  • GIZ
  • Help A Child Foundation
  • Sopa Hotels Tanzania
  • Cereal Millers Association Members
  • Tile and Carpet
  • Scania
  • Castle Breweries
  • BAT
  • Umaji (NGO)
  • Marie Stopes
  • ICRC
  • AVSC International
  • MOH Tanzania


Featured on Saturday Nation on 6th November 2021. 

Interview on how COVID 19 pandemic affected Corporates and Mental Health in general of the workforce and steps we can take to mitigate some of the effects . 

"Wholehearted commitment to being happy is a powerful medicine"

Robert Holden