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My name is Poonam Shah. Saijayani was formed after I met Sharmila who had lost her daughter a month before I lost my father. We talked of our loss and shared how we were dealing with grief. She expressed her feeling through writing and I dealt with meditation and prayers.

Over time we became good friends and she shared with me some writings which she wrote late at night whilst watching her daughter who she knew was only around for a very limited time due to her brain tumor.

I was hooked and persuaded her to publish the work as it needed to reach a wider audience. As we all know, we all face some form of loss at one point in our lives. Therefore I felt it would help others to read and learn from her journey.

We got a lot of positive feedback from everyone who has read our publication, and have encouraged us to further in our journey.

Saijayani aims at bringing knowledge & happiness through books and activities products.

I hope our new publication can serve many more and help in their journey.

About One Stop

Since 1982 One Stop enterprise has lived to produce high-quality homemade Crisps, Chevda, Ghantias, Peas, Simsim & Peanut crunch.

We envision seeing healthy delighted families by offering these healthy homemade snacks produced with high-quality raw materials sourced from Kenyan farmers. We are proud to be associated with the Made in Kenya brand of which we boldly are ambassadors both for our local and export market clients. We welcome you to a tour of our world of healthy, homemade snacks.

The purpose of the company is to produce high-quality natural and 100% preservative-free snack items at the best price in addition to providing good value to our consumers. The company is a family-owned enterprise and the main livelihood of the directors who have invested a lot of their personal funds into the business and have an emotional attachment to the enterprise. Therefore the leadership team enters every day committed to safely delivering exceptional products through investments in our people, technology and continuous improvement, we are committed to closely working with our farmers in order to get the right raw material in a sustainable way.

About Boyani Organics

The Founder of Boyani Organics is very health conscious and prefers to use natural supplements to boost health and treat ailments as much as possible.

Hailing from the beautiful land of Ribe in Kilifi he decided to start growing Moringa, Baobab and Coconut on his farm to use for his own needs when he found that many products in the market are Not 100% pure.

As the Boyani Farm started producing more than we could use in our home, we decided why not sell our pure and natural farm produce to the MARKET.

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Boyani Organics

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